Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best of friends

So, this was one of my little experiments in comic life 2. It was one of the caps I cooked up in the program, and it was also the hardest to work with. the program kept slowing to a crawl or freezing, and the text was next to impossible to move, once I had it placed on the page.

Comic life 2 wouldn't even let me work on the second page in the same file, so I had to create a whole new file just to do it. I think the first one, (in blue) turned out the best, But the second is fun in that it give's you a different view of what's happened in the story.

I was trying to make something that told you enough of the story to let you fill in the blanks. and if you read both page's, you get a more complete story, but either one is not required to enjoy the second one. I hope a few people enjoy it, it's not my best, but it was fun to give it a shot.

OH! And some good news! Smitty, of Smitty's TG caps  Has created his own Living doll Caption. You might recognize that title as a universe I created. I'm still blown away that he wants to play around in that world, but even more so with how seamlessly it fits in with cap's I've done already. So please head on over and take a look at Smitty's take on the living doll series, you can find the link here.


Ginger said...

Really interesting and artistic cap Jennifer. The layout must have taken a lot of time, to get it all to play together like that. Really great cap. Good job!

Dee Mentia said...

You have a very creative mind (And kinky too!) so I can't imagine why Smitty wouldn't want to play around in that universe!

Caitlyn Masked said...

Both are really good caps as stand alones as well as a series. Very sexy!

Starla DX said...

Awesome caps, love the overall look, very innovative and creative. The caption work itself is great too, really enjoyed the feel and open imagination that it gives to the reader, Great Caps Jennifer!!

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