Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Take it on the chin

I've been trying to work my way through all of my debt at the haven, And today I cam across Tomlin's profile. It mentions how his current kink was to be turned into a submissive bimbo, willing to please any and everyone. That I can do!

Combine that with Smitty talking about an idea for a new caption and this photo set, the story wrote it self out fairly quickly. I even set the story in one of my favorite universes, Trisha's alpha male club. SO it might help if you have heard of that before.

Hope you all enjoy! ^_^


Anonymous said...

What a cute bimbo having fun with Mr Bunny! Still there's probably a good chance she'll forget again at the party, and no chance she'd ever get all the cummies knocked out of her.

Dee Mentia said...

The master should really have spent more time training her proper etiquette. I mean, the fact that she had cum ON her face .. its supposed to all go IN HER MOUTH when she's done!

Caitlyn Masked said...

HA! That is a well intentioned bimbo right there. While I'm sure it might be a tad frustrating for her master, he must be please that she WANTS to do well!

Great fun cap Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

hey there jennifer um who is the model for this shes amazing and adorable

Jennifer said...

@ Anonymous

She goes by the model name Sexy Pattycake. I went with her, not only because the photo set inspired the story. but because of her adorable cuteness, really helped sell her character I think. ^_^

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