Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not making it up

I made this one for Caitlyn a couple of months ago when I was feeling kind of down and out. I wasn't really sure if I liked the way this cap had turned out and Caitlyn was kind busy around that time as well, so I just let it sit for a bit and figured I would fix it up later.

Well, I discovered it the other night and found that I actually did like it as is and didn't really need to change anything. It's a XXX rated cap that is meant to get in and push buttons and that's it.

I like making caps that push buttons and stay with you for a long time, they are deffinetly my favorite kind of caps to make. But, This kind of quick and dirty caption is a crowd favorite and it is enjoyable to make in it's own right.

Of course Now Caitlyn is kind of falling out of captions and the like, but I still wanted to put it up and let everyone see it. I think it does it's job well and I'm sure plenty of people will be able to enjoy it, no matter who it's meant for.

Oh, and if you wanted to say good bye or try and stay in touch with Caitlyn/Calvin, you can read her latest post here And find out how.


Caitlyn Masked said...

Great cap Jennifer. I always liked the caps that started with someone listening to how they were used the previous night/day. It always worked to add a particular squirm that just couldn't be found anywhere else.

Klaus Jones said...

Wow! This one is hot! I can't believe it hasn't gotten more comments. Perhaps readers are too busy with themselves while they're reading this. Love Jeremy's bragging, and you handled the "Carie/Carolyn/Calvin" thing just right: it sounds completely natural, but the implications are clear. Wonderful work.

Jennifer said...

@Klaus Jones:

Thank you! It's always a delightful treat to hear that someone enjoyed them selves so well, thanks to something I wrote up. :D

I had thought this one might have gotten more comments my self, but it makes it all worth it to get a comment like yours. Thanks! ^_^ Maybe some day you will find your self in a situation this hot. *giggle*

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