Friday, August 2, 2013

Living doll inc

I had made this one a while back, but I put off posting it because I wanted to run it by another, experienced caption artist before I finalized it. Unfortunately, with a couple of caption artists now leaving, there is no one to run this sort of stuff by.

I'm afraid the day's of just chatting over the design of a caption or asking for a second opinion over Yim or some other Chat program are now long gone.Which is a real shame, since often that is the only way I can get feedback on my own captions and tweak them where it's needed, or keep them just as they are before putting them up.

I still think it turned out ok, but the lay out probably needed a little work. I could only do so much in comic life I'm afraid. Can't make the text look kind of opaque, or add in a see through background for it to lay over.

This caption was obviously meant to imitate the look of games like deus ex or various other future based entertainment, and make it look like it was an ad. I think you get the idea, even if it doesn't look as good as it could if it was done in Photoshop.


Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up?

Mistress Simone said...

I like the clean look of this. It very well designed and has a magazine article type feel to it. You've done a good job overall and I love the image you selected to work with.

Dee Mentia said...

I think its great. One of your best designs!

Jennifer said...


I'll see what I can do! :D

@Mistress Simone:

Thank you Mistress Simone. I felt like this one could have been used for the haven's zine, But I held back on it because I always pictured that orange text looking a little different.

I am glad to know that as it is now, that everyone thinks it looks good. Those little lines were a little tricky to pull off since I had to make sure they lined up just so with the bigger lines above the text, But it at least got my intentions through. As you said, it has a magazine feel and it is supposed to feel like an ad.

@ Dee Mentia:

Glad you liked it Dee. I don't think it's a bad design at all, just that the way I pictured it in my head is something I can't do in comic life. But, for what I had to work with, I think it's one of my better layout's. The story seems to work pretty well.

sg11 said...

Did I catch a Queen reference in there? :)

I like this a lot Jennifer. The way the model looks it is a bit reminiscent of a 50’s mail order catalogue but the clothing and your layout of course make it feel futuristic. Quite successful I would say!

Ian said...

The caption looks good to me, like the idea

Jennifer said...


You DID catch a queen reference! :D While I was writing this up, I just figured I would throw it in there for a bit of fun.

Glad you liked the layout for it. I think the descriptions for each feature were a fun read. It was hard to find a balance between sounding like a real ad, and pushing buttons for this sort of thing.


Thank you! ^_^ I think my living doll universe is my favorite, as it really lends it self well to all sorts of new and inventive situations.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Great cap Jennifer!

I really see what you mean by going for the 'Deus Ex' feel. It reminded me a lot of 'Borderlands' and 'Fallout'... just instead of adding a silencer or armor piercing rounds you're adding carnal knowledge and big breasts!

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