Friday, August 16, 2013

can't hide forever

Well, I didn't get to stay in touch like I had hoped, but I am now out of the hospital with my grandpa.

As I mentioned in this post here, I had some personal issues coming up. One of them being a hospital stay with a family member. The stay went well, but we aren't sure if this is the last thing needed for full recovery. Thank you to those who expressed their concerns to me out side of this site. It means a lot.

While I was away it seems that another caption artist is taking a break/leaving our community. Even if it's just for a short break, or a longer break, it's still sad to see this happen so frequently lately.

But again I'm glad that we have a chance to say good bye and offer a few kind words here and there. If you would like to do the same, please visit Candy's blog here and let her know she will be missed.

Today's caption is just a little writing exercise I thought I would try. Make a caption with out explicitly padding out the back story or explaining everything that is going on. I think I did well enough, let me know what you think! ^_^


Mistress Simone said...

I was scared YOU were personally in the hospital! Good to know you are back and in good health (hopefully?).

I'm sad to see so many people having to step away.

As for your caption, I thought it was cute. Naughty in a fun way and the picture is fantastic. Excellent use of it.

sg11 said...

Glad to hear that everything went well and the health concerns are at bay for the moment.

I love this caption Jennifer! I think that you succeeded in your goal here and the picture is just great. I think I’m going to try out this little exercise myself.

Jennifer said...

@ Mistress Simone:

Sorry about that, I have edited my post to show that it was me with my grandpa. So far I'm in good health, though my ankle is still hurting me from a couple of months back when I fell and wound up putting all of my weight on one foot.

I'm sad to see it as well, but thankfully they haven't just disappeared. Plus, some of them might be coming back, so that's good.

Naughty in a fun way is what I was going for, glad that you liked it. ^_^

@ sg11:

So far it's been good news, but it's also been a bit of a roller coaster. What really stunk, for both me and my grandpa, was the old man they put in the room with us. ugh.. me and him both need something on the tv while we sleep, but the old man didn't like it.

Thank you! ^_^ I saw this picture and knew I could really work with it for something, and giving my self that goal I think helped it. Glad you think it achieves what I was going for as well.

If you give it a shot, I would love to see what you come up with. ^_^

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