Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blackmailed stacy

I meant to post this yesterday, but comic life is giving me hell for some reason and I lost the first draft.

I'm both happy that it did and upset about it. On the one hand, It gave me a chance to try something new, such as the layout and the way I told the story.  But on the other one, I'm still not all that pleased with the caption. I'm really only happy that I got something wrote up anyway.

The caption is supposed to be a sissy's website that caters to those that enjoy taking advantage of someone in a tough situation. It's up to the reader to deiced if she's really being blackmailed or if it's just a gimmick she's using to get some page hits. The layout is fun, but I would have loved to make it look more like a website.

Update: I've fixed some of the errors in the caption. 


Berserkasaurus Rex said...

Very nice, I like the format too. I think it actually really does look like an opening to a website.

It's a simple idea that really opens up a lot of other ideas, and leaves the viewer's imagination to pick up the story. A pity I can't click into the site in real life and see more of the sissy's adventures. :-(

- B-Rex (

Caitlyn Masked said...

VERY sexy cap Jennifer. When I saw the thumbnail (before reading your write-up), I thought it was a postcard. It could actually work for the story that way too... having our pretty little sissy handing out these cards on the street!

Jennifer said...

@ Berserkasaurus Rex:

I'm glad you enjoyed it for what it is. Giving a little fuel to the readers imagination is Mostly what I hoping for with this sort of cap.

If I had thought it through, I probably could have opened up a new blog and tried to make it look more like a website, but as long as it got the idea across, I'm happy with it. ^_^

@ Caitlyn Masked:

That might be a fun little idea in it self. It does kind of look like a post card or perhaps an ad on a street light.

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