Sunday, March 24, 2013

Routine zulo 15- geust cap

Hey everyone! I know that I said I have more captions for your viewing pleasure, But for today I'm doing something a little different. This is a guest cap from one of my readers,  it12707

Some of you may have already saw caitlyns write up on  it12707's series here. But when I saw this caption Friday night, I knew I wanted to share it with all of you here on my blog. Read on to see me share my thoughts, provide a link to the series and answer a few readers questions! ^_^

First, I would like to say, if you want to skip  all of my blathering and get to the Zulo series made by IT12707, please visit this link here.

I don't often post guest caps for fear of alienating some artists that have captioned me in the past. When I have, it's usually from an artist that I'm close friends with and they don't have a blog of their own.

I haven't known it12707 very long and we met mainly through the haven in the trade section, But This caption was unique enough, that I wanted to give it a little highlight. It's a well done forced TF that offers a almost whimsical atmosphere to the situation. And the details that flesh it out bring it to a simmering boil!

Now, i've received captions like that before that have pushed my buttons pretty well. Almost as if the writer was hard wired into my brain. But what made this one pop to me, was that it was set in the medallion of zulo universe.

The reason that got to me, is that i don't really care for the MOZ universe. i've never made a caption set in that universe, and I don't go out looking for any that take place there. Like caitlyn, most of the MOZ stories i've read always have the same outcome and feel like they all follow the same formula.

True, you could probably say this about any particular subject of TG erotica. And Those can all be a lot of fun! But for what ever reason, The MOZ universe just never took off with me. There's a few older universes that don't strike a chord with me, but I don't have a problem with anyone else that really fancy's them.

But this story here, Everything seemed to take on a fresh feeling to it. Maybe it was the animated image, maybe it's that it's set in a larger story arc. I know one thing that really got me, was her use of the details to describe the whole situation I had found my self in.

In any case, I felt like that I could really enjoy a MOZ caption now and again, if it felt as alive as this one does. She even plays off of one of the common outcomes in the universe, but gives it a bit of a twist to keep it feeling new and different. If you have a chance, check out the whole series here.

On to the questions!

Anonymous said: My magical tranformation real boy into girls!!!
Hmm... To be honest, I'm not sure if this is spam or if this is someone trying to express their enjoyment for a caption I've made. As if they are shouting out, "This is how I want to be turned into a girl! " Or Maybe they are asking me to make them a caption, about a magical TF that turns a real boy into various girls.

Now, If this is someone really posting and not just a spam bot that is clever enough to know That this is a TG caption blog that occasionally has Magical TF's, then I mean no offense. I love the enthusiasm, even if it is a spam bot.

What get's me, is that the same comment has been posted on two different posts. Maybe one of my readers out there could tell me if this is infact a spam post? Or if this is a real post, Maybe that person could fill me in on what they are trying to say.

Next question!

David Swanson Asked: Totally love it. When is the next one coming out?
Thank you very much! ^_^ I'm glad to hear that some people are still reading the Jennifer series. I do plan to revisit this universe some time in the future. I have some story arcs planed out for it and would love to jump back into it.

The problem is, I want to make sure that the whole story is leading to a satisfying conclusion. I would love to keep it going forever, but I think with a story like this, it has to have an end. So, I've been hashing out what that could be and how I can keep the over all meaning of the story to feel fresh through out.

Of course, working with photo sets can be limiting when trying to tell a story like this, But I think I can pull it off with out comprising too much. Some times I'll come with an idea for the series and then It will go no where because I can't find a picture that will work for it.

But I will be returning to this series! In fact, I hope to knock out a few trade's at the haven and then return to a few of my unfinished stories. Not just the Jennifer Series.

I believe that's it for the questions, Thank you all for tuning in to this special post. See you next time! ^_^


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