Monday, March 4, 2013

Prettiest girl in the world

I'M BACK! Sorry that it took so long for me to update you all, but I've been having some family issues. (also some pc issues, but those are minor.)

My grandpa, who is a diabetic, has been having a lot of trouble with his feet lately. Actually, it looks like he might lose, at the very least, his big toe on his left foot. :(

And with my grandma already in bad shape, Someone had to help them out while my grandpa took a little time to recover. He hasn't lost his toe yet, or even got word on how much he might lose, But I went out there and helped them both out for a while. It's of course extremely difficult to find time to post caps, or make caps while helping take care of others.

But I've returned with a brand new cap that I hope will make up for my absence. ^_^ I even rewrote it just to make sure it was a little more up to snuff with some of my past caps, because I just didn't feel the first draft was all that great. Head on past the break to take a peek at both versions! (the one in the header image is the rewrite.)

I thought that my first draft was too bloated and just crammed too much story into one single image. I also felt that I sort of lost sight of what I was going for, in exchange for adding in a few extra squirmy bits. Some people might prefer, but I think the second draft, (the one up top) is much better. I even took the time to spruce up the layout a little. Which I hope is easy on the eyes. 


tempestreturns said...

This is sensationally hot!

Mistress Simone said...

THIS is high quality work. Brava.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Jennifer your improvements to the first draft are beautiful and wonderful. Yes, it does lack that ultimately squirmy moment, but at the same time it hints at so much more. And your time 'sprucing up the layout' was well spent. It's beautiful and adds a quite a lot to the story, even if it's just a visual induced 'feeling'.

Excellent caption on all counts!

badside said...

Love when a sissy is created for a beautiful girl to play with! Her little sissy play toy!


Anonymous said...

this was incredibly sexy! Feel free to make a sequel;) You made a grand return indeed!!

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