Friday, April 5, 2013

Smile and like it

Ok gals, here's a new cap for you to enjoy. Or I at least hope you will!

I wanted to do something a little more x rated, in both the story and the picture. I haven't done a cum shot/facial cap in a long while, so I went with that.

I hope to have my posting schedule back on track, I've been under the weather lately and am just now feeling well enough to get on the laptop.


Caitlyn Masked said...

Nice straight forward button pusher Jennifer! You should feel free to come back to the facial caps as often as you want! I especially like the humiliation of that final decision... act like a slutty brain dead bimbo and keep your wits, or let them turn you into a slutty brain dead bimbo! Mmm... decisions decisions!

Anonymous said...

Just remember, if you ever stop smiling, you'll never stop smiling ^_^

I don't suppose the Beta Bitch Sorority accepts voluntary members? I ask for a umm.... friend.. of my.. cousin's brother..... yeah....

Cindy F said...

Wonderful cap thank you. maybe I can get some of the girls to help me clean up ;)

Mistress Simone said...

A good job overall, my dear. She will learn to grin and bare it all. . . pun intended.

Jennifer said...

thanks girls! Sometimes a pure button pusher is just what you need to pick your self back up.

@ Kyra hyde

I'm sure they would make an exception. ;)

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