Sunday, July 3, 2011

She knows what you like

Sorry I didn't make any posts for the last two day's. I was hopping to get more reply's for my last post before moving on, and I know once it's no longer the latest post, the chances for anyone commenting on it is not very good.

So how about a nerdy caption that rhymes? Read on if you like. ^_^ I also answer another question from formspring. if you have your own question you want to ask, no matter what it is, please send me something in the little formspring box to the right of this post.

 Believe it or not, I was trying to go for a they might be giants feel for the caption. Me and lyndee had been talking about music and the subject turned to their stuff and I was soon listening to it for days. I tried to match some things I had noticed in their lyrics, in where they talk about a subject but never out right explain a story. you get everything you need to know by just listening to it. So, I tried to skip over explaining what had happened to lyndee in the song/cap and just focus on the situation she found her self in. Which was being a hot chick with new feelings, and still has a nerdy mind.

I'm not sure how many of these geek references apply to lyndee, but I really enjoy exploring that theme with her. I mentioned Marvel and the X-men, star trek, doctor who, Buffy and angel, and Mario. I don't know, when I sing the song in my head it doesn't sound much like they might be giants, as it does a pop song with a sexy rap.

I know she's not wearing a button up shirt like she mentions in the song, But this picture just screamed lyndee to me. I just HAD to use it for her and i think it works. The line about the button shirt is also the only part of the story where I got a little vulgar. I didn't want to get too graphic with it for a couple of reasons, and one was because I was trying to base it on TMBG.

I have another Question from formspring today. yay!

(Could you do a cap that involves kigurumi?)

I think one day I could possibly do that, yeah. for a couple of reasons, 1, I have a friend that enjoys that form of cosplay. 2, it would probably be the only way I could somewhat look like a girl out in public. even if my head would be a little big.. and 3, I like those story's where your glued into a wig or dress, I've read a few that pushed my buttons and that would probably be a fun way of doing it. Anyone ever see that episode of robot chicken with the couple of sizes too small pink power ranger outfit on Halloween? yeah, something like that maybe.

I have no plans for anything like that right now, but doing a stuck in a outfit sort of caption sounds like fun. In case some of my reader's are confused as to what Kigurmi is, it's a form of cosplay with a bodysuit and a large mask that often looks like an anime or video game character. I've never done it my self, but I've seen some interesting outfits done in that style. The large head threw me at first, but seeing as how it's an accepted form of cosplay and would hide my identity pretty well, it's a nice trade off. Plus, I love to dress up so a big mask sounds like fun to me.


Caitlyn Masked said...

Very fun cap! My only problem with it was the font being a little hard to read. But its a sacrifice worth making, as it helps fit the mood of the cap. While I didn't get the TMBGs vibe from it, that could just be from me listening to Led Zeppelin while reading it. Knowing that you intended it, I can see that feel upon a re-read.

Anonymous said...

Great caption, love all the references in it and thought it was kinda poetic in a way so you must have achieved close to making it seem like a song. Great work!

venatus said...

nice cap, I do always love the "talk nerdy to me" themes, and I think you did a did a great job with the might be giants feel to, which is hard to do, they have a style that's kinda hard to narrow down, let alone emulate in text.

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