Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still playing. 2 part series

 Did this one for a good Friend, It's a two part caption so if you want to see the whole thing please click the title of the post. Trying to get a better idea of how many views I'm getting.

I think it's the closest I've come to capturing his fantasy in a caption format. Layout is pretty simple, but I tried winging the story as I went.  Hope you all like it, I know my friend did. ^_^


smitty said...

Very well told. I usually find cuckold caps dull because they are usually all the same. Telling the story through dialogue makes it all seem more personal and steamy.

Dee Mentia said...

Wow. I Think this might be one of your best captions. It is so easy to follow, and the pictures enhance the story you wrote.

Also, it is so well written and believable in form and dialog. Most likely you could have made a few more panels of decadence but you kept it at the exact right amount to capture the apprehension and humiliation of Nick. The male pride and ego giving way to feminine desires (as prodded on by the wife) was exquisitely handled here.

Truly a top 5 caption set from you I think.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Very HOT cap Jennifer. I'm with smitty, I normally don't like cuckold caps, but this one is done superbly. Its entertaining, sexy and smooth. And I gotta say where I normally don't feel the humiliation angle in most cuck caps, this one hit the bullseye!

Jennifer said...

@ Smitty
I don't do very many cuckold caps, but I have a friend that loves to role play them. It's been fun and I've gotten pretty good at it, it was nice to apply what I've picked up in that to a caption. Glad you enjoyed it!

@ Dee

Like I just mentioned to smitty, I've role played the cuckold scenario a few times. (both as the wife and the other man) So when I want to set down to write this one out, I just tried to picture What would I do in a roleplay like this? So hearing that you find it well written and believable really makes me blush and means alot to me. ^_^ I'm sure you know all about my roleplay style. ;)

And those pics took forever to find! I had to find something that had the girls in clothes, one of them was a little put off by it and they were having sex with a guy. The clothes and sex part was easy, the put off part and staying clothed was a bitch to find. But I don't think I could have found anything better then this set here.

@ caitlyn

hearing that you and smitty both enjoy this, even though you are both normally turned off by cuckold caps, is about the biggest compliment I can receive. Of course hearing that my friend enjoyed this is all I really wanted from this, but knowing that I also made a caption with a subject someone doesn't normally find appealing, well.. That's just fantastic!

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