Thursday, July 14, 2011

Self Image

So this is one of my newest captions and it has a bit of an in joke. (funny that Dee just made a post about this very thing.) But I made sure to even explain that in the cap for anyone that doesn't know Petra.

I'll be rambling a little bit about this caption, so if you want to hear me yammer on, just click the title of the post. ^_^

I'm not really sure why, but this is the second Caption for Petra that was inspired by a personal experience I've had. I know that I never just want to give her any old caption, i want to make something unique or special in some way. But I do that for a few people I know. So For what ever reason, This one and That answers that question  have been a little more meaningful behind the inspiration for them.

I'm not sure how she feels about it, besides posts on the haven and Private Msg's to her about haven issues (though I did ask how she felt about me getting in touch with her besides that stuff. No word.) We haven't had much to say to each other. But I always thought it gave it a special touch when you add in something personal. I've enjoyed doing it though, I think the caps have been fun/sexy and I know that she enjoyed them over all, so that's what's important. ^_^

This one of course is inspired by my dip in the hypnosis pool, I started my sessions with picturing my self on a staircase and imagining how it felt taking each step as I felt more relaxed. It worked amazingly well! And I kinda miss not having the feeling of each step moving up my leg's. I could have just done that for a few hours and been happy! it was very soothing, little hard to explain but it was very pleasing.

I first made it down to 6 steps, then 8, and finally (in the first session) I made it to 10 steps. I'm not exactly Sure how proud I should be over that.. but I was pretty ecstatic! I knew I had to put what I was doing in my hypnosis sessions and try to blend a bit of reality with usual fantasy aspect that comes with TG hypnosis caps. So when it came time to make Petra a caption for her birthday, (ok.. it was late.. but like I said, I don't want to give her any old cap.) I knew I had the basis for my caption.

I spent like..  4 to 6 hours each day looking for just the right picture. For 3 days! But It is impossible to find a red head looking into a mirror with stairs in the back. I didn't even have to have the mirror! I just needed a red head that looked like she was listening to someone speak as she stood at the bottom of some stairs in a sort of trance.. But I could not find anything that fit with that I was looking for.

Thankfully, Martha started a running gag involving Petra as a blonde. For those that Don't know, Petra has a huge thing for red heads! (who doesn't!? :D )  So when I found this little gem, the rest of the story came together. Yeah, it's sort of joke caption... But I can say from some experience that it is grounded in reality a bit.  I was asked in a hypnosis session to picture my perfect Asian self image and for some weird reason I pictured her with pig tails.. So it can happen! I feel better about giving her something not exactly meant to push buttons, when it is personal like this. 

And now I have a question! YAY!

(are you ready to rock’ tg comic)

I'm always ready to rock! haven't you seen some of the posts and captions dedicated to music and music inspired TG caps? I also like to rocking back and forth in a corner after I've been used and abused, and rocking away in the sack with some stud. :D Or just rocking back and forth as I swing away from the ceiling.


smitty said...

I've done my own Martha and Petra bimbo rivalry cap and it's always nice to see another. Great use of hypnosis in this one. The countdown really draws you in to the point you almost feel like you are getting hypnotized reading it. In fact I almost...HEY! WHAT IN THE HELL AM I WEARING?!

Caitlyn Masked said...

Great cap Jennifer! The story is good and even without the knowledge of Petra's red headed fascination the joke comes through. But what I really loved is he text boxes. Having Petra's text boxes slip away, and her font change gave her an otherworldly 'voice' that I enjoyed, and having the text boxes with the glowing shadow effect gives it its own creepy vibe.

Very well done!

Dee Mentia said...

I don't have a problem with making "in joke" captions with people I know really well, ESPECIALLY when it is to honor someone's birthday. Usually that is when I get really META and throw all kinds of shit against the wall hoping something sticks.

I think THAT is what makes the Haven community so wonderful. You've got Courtney and her bunny armies, the redhead vs blond stuff with Martha and Pea, me stealing shoes from Rachel's closet, you and your Mila obsession, Steffie not wearing panties, Serena and Shauna being a item, etc ...

By the way, I think the in-joke works well on its own even without people knowing what it is.

Jennifer said...

@ Smitty

It's a leather Bustier with a Matching leather skirt and 4 inch heels. you like it?

@ caitlyn

I completely forgot to touch on the layout of the caption. But I'm kinda glad I did, since you made such a wonderful post that got it, with out me having to explain the choices I made. I really wanted to convey how his words were having effect on her, and she was going into a trance.

@ Dee

I don't have a problem with some in joke caps. But I don't think THAT is what makes the haven so wonderful. I think what makes the haven so wonderful is how warm and inviting everyone is. There's more people at the haven that make it a wonderful place, then the few people who have some some in jokes between them self's.

In jokes can be found in any community you visit, with or with out captions. It's not exclusive to the haven and can be daunting for a new member to try and jump right in and play along, It can make people feel alienated at times. The haven is not unique for having in jokes, The haven is unique because of the wonderful, warm, accepting and helpful community you can find there.

Thank you for saying the in joke works well on it's own. I was making sure that I didn't leave anyone out that might read it with out knowing Petra likes red heads.

And now we just need to get my Mila obsession to bleed on over into milas real life and have people thinking she loves bondage and blow jobs!

Dee Mentia said...

Well, what I meant is that its a community that is quite diverse and friendly. You just HAVE to find someone that is on the same wavelength as you ... and from there, its inevitable that you'll be trading in-jokes with others at some point.

I think the "in-joke" in this caption works because if you don't know the back story, you will just think that the doctor is trying to make Petra a redhead through hypnosis.

Jennifer said...

@ Dee

Right, and that is fun and just a normal thing to happen when you meet up with others or hang around other people you get along with. the haven is just better at letting people jump on in and find support, friends and a friendly atmosphere.

hmm.. I like that take on the in-joke. With out knowing Petra likes it, the doctor could just be trying to make her a red head. I just thought that pete was so willing that it would be assumed that pete wanted to be a red headed girl.

venatus said...

thought I already commented on this but I guess it didn't go through or something.

first off wonderful cap, you really do seem to give a sense of the hypnosis/dreamy feel to it. and I have to say the time you spent looking for a pic is real dedication.

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