Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woo! And another new one! Just finished it actually, so brand spanking new. I'm kind of excited about it, so if there's more typos then usual, forgive me. Hope you all enjoy it! It's a 5 part series of an internet love affair! 

look below for more info yo!

There's a new sweet girl over at the haven just getting into caption's over at the haven and she was asking for some active capper's if they were interested in trading with her. Well, I've been looking for any way I can to find inspiration and after looking over her prefs, they seemed like they would be a fun challenge.
 Her prefs included 3 key elements that stood out to me, 1: increasing beauty. A theme I don't think I've done and I don't think I've seen requested before. 2: lesbian theme and having always believed she was a lesbian. and 3: forgetting who she was entirely. Another theme I don't think I've done too much of. Mostly because I LOVE it when the person holds on to just a tiny bit of them self's. Even if it's just an annoying voice deep in their sub conscious. But giving the other two prefs, it seemed like it might make for a fun story.

It wasn't until I started looking up some of her suggested models and pornstars that I got an idea on how to do the story. The model in today's cap has done a TON of web cam pics. So, I got the idea to try and write it all up like it's an IM conversation. My first attempt of just taking a screen shot didn't really work.. So I took  Smitty's advice and just make a crude mock up for it in comiclife. Not that bad i don't think.. get's the idea across any way.

I'll let most of the cap speak for it self. But there was a whole subplot i was going to work up where not only was he becoming the girl he was pretending to be, but also a bimbo version of herself. But It would have make this whole thing about 20 pages long just to work in absolutely everything I wanted to do for it.

I hope I got across that every time she tried to do something manly, she would fall more under the spell. having everything take place in a IM chat made it a little difficult to get some things across and make the chat believable. So, I used 3 examples to show that the more he fought the changes, the more girly he became. That being the 2 trips to the gym, and his vow to fight it right before he starts to forget his name.
One last thing I wanted to mention, I hope I got across that each break in the windows is a whole new conversation and possibly a new day altogether. I wanted to add time stamps to everything, but i had no room for any of that.

Ok, hope you all liked it! ^_^


Alectra said...

Hey Jennifer I spotted all the "typos"...This time you will go unpunished because you set up this as a chat cap there is nothing to worry about then.

The idea is pretty solid and I like the concept, I've found something like this of Beauty enhancement from time to time in other places, but, most of the times you are just seeing a bunch of photos in order with the thoughts of the maker on who shall be the next prettier...

For me I think this whole idea works better in a story without pics and then you can expand the realms of imagination to uncharted places ^-^

Still I enjoyed reading how the guy was freaking out with any new change ^-^

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Jennifer said...

@ Alectra

If I'm understanding you right, your missing that all of the pictures are of one model, right? I would never say this girl is prettier then that girl and I didn't.

Instead, all I did was show parts of the same model and tried to give the illusion of Broderick getting prettier over time. Thus showing her getting prettier through out the story. (or trying to) At no point did I use anyone else for Tiffanys look. her nails, her lips, her breasts, her face, all of them were the same model. Even the first avatar for Tiffany is the same model.

If your saying that this idea works better in story's, I agree. Which is why I didn't really do that. All I showed was that Broderick was getting prettier over time. He was being feminized slowly.

Alectra said...

First of all I hate, hate, hate blogger for sending into the nether my comment to you ^-^

Okay lets see what I have written...

Jennifer I did not say you were doing that, I said that many times that idea have been used with a patron of who's the prettiest gal in the planet...

For example:

I could make this hypotetically speaking...

Bianca>Mila>Liz Vicious>Susan Wayland ^-^

That wouldn't be true for you and maybe you would get the needs to set in flame the topic and put a bomb in...wait no that would be too much ^-^

But you get the point many times the beauty enhancement shows a spin of gals one better than the last according to the tastes of the user...
But you did use the theme to explain the increasing of the beauty on the body without coming to that so good work again.
Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Jennifer said...

@ Alectra

I understand that, but My cap really wasn't about that and I didn't see that you had enjoyed my take on the subject or anything until your second post here. I just saw that you mostly enjoyed the way he freaked out. So I felt I needed to clear up any confusion anyone might have. I feel that theme, when used in a caption, can be negative and offensive to some people And I didn't want anyone thinking that I'm like that.

I made my reply mostly because your post was a little hard to understand and me and two other people were having a hard time trying to figure out what you had meant. I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea by misreading what you had said and then getting the wrong impression.

venatus said...

very very lovely cap. and I'm so jealouse of that lucky douchbag, where's my kind sexy lesbian witch :(

Caitlyn Masked said...

Awesome cap series Jennifer. The story worked great, and I did get that each break was a new conversation. I really liked the messages sent that had no reply, that added a desperate facet to all of it. Normally I got after pictures as much as story, and I didn't think this would satisfy me, but the pictures added a lot, and let the sexiness come out in the story. Good job!

Lora Henry said...

i doubt you will ever respond to this but who was it you made this for id like to see there captions

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