Monday, July 18, 2011

Hello Everyone! I know I've lacked on updates, but you know how I like to leave up caps for friends in case they see it. But today I bring you a special announcement! The Haven e-zine was just released!

What is the heaven e-zine you might be asking your self? Well it's a collection of story's, ad's, advice column's, caption's and more! all in one nifty little package. Over a dozen haven artists and writer's contributed to this project and made something really special! People that you may have heard of, Deementia, Martha, Caitlyn-masked, Smitty, and Mistress Simone, and me! Plus Many other talented individual's from The Haven!

If you want to know how you can get your very own copy, all you have to do is donate 10 dollars to the haven, either by mail or paypal. It's close to 40 pages of content you will not find anywhere else! And if you act now, Smitty has graciously offered to make a special caption for the first 50 who donate! So if your interested, head on over to the link below for more details!
The Haven Quarterly!