Friday, October 4, 2013

3 days in!  I'm surprised that the last two caps I posted, have actually gotten quite a few views. I thought the first one would be really popular.

Of course, going by views alone is no real indication if people preferred those or not. It might have around 2000 views, but 1999 of those views, might be from people who just hated it!

The only real way I can tell if people liked this cap or that cap, is if someone say's something. And right now, going by the comments, lost for pleasure is the fan favorite. Since it has 2 comments and the others, with more views, have none. *shrugs*

So, if you like what you see or want to see more of something else, leave a comment! Don't forget, you can also leave a request if you feel brave. I'll see what I can do. ^_^

This is one of the caps that I was pretty pleased with. The idea sounds good to me, being seduced by your, far more experienced sissy school mate? Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place! Not to mention I think the layout is one of my best.

polishing the family jewels is my favorite chore!
Well, I honestly could have filled this list up with nothing but french maid outfits. So, I went with something that could sort of pass as a normal outfit, but also very sexy. There's so many different french maid outfits out there, that it's almost impossible to pick just one. But, here you go!


Anonymous said...

I liked it a lot,Great cap and interesting story line. Lady Diedra

Taya champion said...

Great Cap. One to keep coming back to

Jennifer said...

@Lady Diedra:

Thank you very much lady diedra. ^_^ i've always been interested in the idea of being feminized from both sides, in a sissy school. Your room mate, or at least senior classmates, wouldn't have your best interest in heart and I'm sure would love to see the new girl fail just as they did.

@Taya Champion:

Glad to hear it! I love hearing from my readers and which cap is something they like to read more then once. I know I've had a few my self from other caption authors.

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