Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lost for pleasure

Happy month of Halloween everyone! ^_^ It's been looong while since I've posted here, hasn't it?

Well, besides the usual problems and issues, I do have another reason as to why it's taking so long for me to post or give an update. OCTOBER!

I love this time of year, as many of you already know, and in an effort to jump start my creativity and also dive in head first back into the blogging world, I thought I would try to put up a new caption every day of the month.

This is not the first time I've done this, and it dosen't mean that it will become a tradition or anything, but I think it will be a good challange and I hope to come up with a few winning captions. Some of the caps I've already made for the blog feel like they could be better or perhaps a rewrite, but Will see how it plays out.

Head on past the break to hear me ramble on about today's caption and something I thought might be fun to try, a Halloween costume of the day. Sort of like, if I could pull this or that outfit off, i would! Sort of thing.

So today's caption was inspired by a fan of my work. Someone I know introduced me to them in a chat room at a site I frequent and I just happen to go by Jennifer swallows there as well. When introduced, the fan said that they knew a Jennifer swallows from a caption blog, and just so happens that's me! :D

WE started to talk about the kind of captions she enjoys and she said she enjoyed the stories where the description of the transformation is the main focus. I hadn't done one of those in so long, I thought it might be nice to take another stab at it.

I used to have a lot of practice with this sort of story telling. Not that I made a lot of caps that featured it, though there are a couple. But that I used to know a couple of people who loved to role play the transformation scene.

it's been a while, but I think I did alright. To me, I can see that I'm a little rusty. But It was mostly because I had to blend a story with the TF description. I think I might give it another shot and try to keep it simple. This one was fun, but it might have been too ambitious for my first try in a while.

As promised, I also have a costume a day idea I would like to try out. It is october and all, so I might as well, right? I'm also watching some a horror movie a day again, so if you have any suggestions post them in the comments! ^_^

Is it fair that I'm punished for wearing the standard school uniform?

I thought I would start with a classic costume, the school girl. Not just any school girl costume, a very naughty school girl!

I not only picked this one for it's classic appeal, but because it was also the costume I WOULD have wore a few years back, when I had the chance.

I took a big risk, but with out saying too much, I set it up so I could wear a school girl outfit for Halloween and it wouldn't be too weird for me to do so. But, as hard as I tried, the plan fell through and I had to dress up as something else. *sigh*

I went with this one mostly because of how skimpy the outfit is. It looks like something you might be forced to wear in a sissy school, so that's a plus for me. I have 30 more days to pick more "conservative" costumes, so why not have a little fun?


Dee Mentia said...

I know a few people on the Haven that really dig the descriptions of the transformation in their captions, I think the hazy nature of the picture makes it a good point of interest for the TF.

I do think they work better in a role play though moreso than captions. Speaking of, I was just reading the Mall RP we had started back a few years ago. Love to see that as a full length story but I definitely don't have the attention span to write it up!

Caitlyn Masked said...

Great cap Jennifer! It's a hard needle to thread, but once you have the right descriptive transformation it can really draw the reader in. This one did just that!

Mmm... love the costume choice. I think it's hard to pick between the classic school girl uniform and the 'slutty girl' school uniform.

I know it's not a movie, but I've heard rave reviews about FX's "American Horror Story" comes back on October 9. My brother (who isn't a big horror fan) loved the second season "Asylum". If you haven't seen it I'm sure you can pick it up on Netflix.

Jennifer said...

@Dee Mentia:

I knew one person at the haven that really enjoyed those sort of caps, but i don't think they have been on in a long while. I do like a descriptive transformation, but to me it usually fits in better with a long story or role play.

Actually, I think a role play and a story are less enjoyable if they just skim right through those things. There are exceptions to the rules, but if it's just a over in a sentence, then it feels like it's all moving way too fast.

I picked that picture just because of it's hazy feeling behind it. I was looking for something that looked like the woman was in ecstasy, but that was trickier then I thought it would be.

Took me a day or two till I stumbled across this one, but I couldn't have asked for a better picture for this sort of story.

I remember that role play and it was very enjoyable. ^_^ I can't remember where we were heading with it, but I do know that it did feature a slow TF. So it's a perfect example as to why a detailed, drawn out TG can be so enjoyable.

@Caitlyn Masked:

Glad you enjoyed it Caitlyn. I think out of the recent caps I've been making, (almost one every day) this is one of the better ones. The picture really helped pull it all together too.

I would be happy with classic or slutty, but right now I'm leaning towards the slutty side of things. ;)

I've heard a lot about that series, and I think I will check it out. I just got through watching a movie I've been wanting to see for almost, geez, 10 years, and it was well worth the wait.

Speaking of horror shows, walking dead comes on the 13th! Of course, Dexter just ended, so having a new show like American horror story would be nice.

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