Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I almost didn't post this caption. Why? It's SO SHORT! It's one of the shortest captions I've ever made.

Sure, some people are absolutely brilliant with small, quick captions. I love them my self. But I just can't bring my self to make a really short caption. For one, it ussaally means that there's a lot of empty space I have to deal with.

Two, I just like telling a more detailed caption and fleshed out story. Sure, I might not always hit the mark, but I can't seem to bring my self to tell a much shorter story. Maybe that's a good thing for me, maybe it's not, but I am more comfortable with a longer caption.

Oh, and this is also the only caption I've done that included a Male TF.


Klaus Jones said...

It's not how long it is, it's how you...wait, that's not always true, is it? (Fun cap btw!)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Klaus. It was one of my older caps and I was still just trying to find my voice. But even back then, i still tried to mess around and make something different. ^_^

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