Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mom.. I think I'm pregnant

Recently had a request for more pregnancy caption's, so, here you go! ^_^  I think this is the last pregnant caption I have left to post, but I'm sure there will be more in the future.

I still have more to post for the number 33 series I last posted, but only one person commented on it, so I have no idea if it's worth posting the rest and finishing it.But I wanted to Thank Betty for leaving a comment. *kisses* ^_^

And one question from formspring, yay!

Did you have a wonderful birthday sexy? I'm sorry I am a bit late with the well wishes, but I do hope you had an amazing b-day. AshleyM

Thank you very much for the well birthday wishes! ^_^ I did have a nice birthday, but I also got the flu the next day.. But I'm feeling better now! I hope you are doing well sweetie, miss you. ^_^ *hugs*


Dee Mentia said...

I like this caption, and I'm not usually a fan of pregnancy ones. Perhaps it is because you do a great job of showing embarrassment in front of a loved one that now knows of the feelings that he had kept hidden. She also apparently gets her boobs from her mom too!

Josey14 said...
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Anonymous said...

cant read this one as it is too small, words wise.

Tammy said...

I really loved to read this one. The caption and the mother-daughter dialog is wonderful. Would really love to read some more pregnant or lactating captions from you! ;)

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