Monday, April 28, 2014

out of your league
*pinches self* Yep. still here! ^_^ And I bring you another hentai caption. Like the last one, the picture was so perfect I just couldn't let it go with out capping it. But unlike the last one, I actually had the idea for the story before hand.

SO, I spent like two day's looking for just the right scene/expression. I really think this one was tailor made for the story I had in my head.


SaucySean said...

Hey Jen I'm glad to see your capping again. I hope everything is improving and I love all of the Hentai themed caps :)

Anonymous said...

I love all the hentai captions!

Anonymous said...

what hentai is it?

Caitlyn Masked said...

Great cap Jennifer! I agree, this image was made for your story. Sure, it may have had a previous life, but it didn't fill it's potential until it was matched up here!

And your story... magnificent! It really draws you into the moment and let's you get lost in the current struggle. It hints at what happened before and offers a wink at what will happen next, but it locks you so into the moment that you can be forever lost there.


Jennifer said...


Thanks! ^_^ Things are getting better i think. glad you like the hentai caps, i hope to have some more coming soon.

@ Anon1
Thanks! I've made a few in the past, but for what ever reason, i just had a bug to make a few at the moment.

This is from some game for the ps vita or psp I believe. I forget what it was, but it's some sort of dating sim I think. The character there is actually becoming a girl, so it's perfect for a TG cap. ^_^

@ Caitlyn
Thank you. I tried my best not to get bogged down in the details of the world the characters exist in, and just kind of give an idea. I tried to play off the readers knowledge of how anime's usually work.

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