Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Her pleasure, your nightmare.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but let's just say that.. things have been crazy around here. Stuff stolen from the family car, talk of amputations on a family member, lots and lots of stressful things. So I'm sorry this is coming to you all so late.

I have been capping when I can, and the caps I have made, I think are some of my best captions in a long while. Take today's for example, the title isn't all that great, but the caption is red hot!  I've wanted to do a bondage cap with a vibe in it, for a long while. ^_^

EDIT: I've been trying to cap for the last four hours now, but i just can't get anywhere. Part of this is because of all of the stress lately. That's a giving. The other part, is because of a comment someone has made on a site I frequent.

I've made captions for this person in the past and have poured a lot of hard work into it, doing all I can to make them something special. But this comment they left for someone else's caption, goes so far as to say that anyone that is capping her now, is just wasting their time because nothing will ever be good enough.

It's just really put me in another depressed state, seeing that my caps that were made for them, were never really that good in their eyes. It's one thing to praise a caption that was made for you, it's even ok to say to that person that this certain caption is one of your favorites.

But if your going to put down others works and go so far as to say that it will be a long time before anyone can even touch this caption, it's just inconsiderate of those that have taken the time to make you something. I never thought that this person would be so rude and cruel, as to publicly put down other people's skills as a caption artist.

I don't want to mention what site (I visit quite a few) or who this person was, But if you want to tell someone that the caption that was made for you is the best you have ever received and you believe no one else will ever do anything that resonates with you in the same way again, then please, keep it private. It does you no favors.


Leeanne Montgomery said...

Uh, yeah, that is very hot! Very, very hot!

Thomas Brighton said...

I have seen the comment that you speak of and I agree with you Jenn, it is not fair of a person to say that one person who did a caption for them is above all others as it invalidates all of the work that you and other cappers have done for them. It is fine to say that you liked something, it is quite another to say that no has done or ever will do better.

Belinda Reed said...

It's a very hot fantasy and a terrific text. It is shame this person upset you so much

Caitlyn Masked said...

Really hot caption Jennifer!!

That story just digs under the skin and stays there. It compliments and even tops the sexy bondage pic. Even the design adds a hotness... the text boxes and the background all working together.


Cindy F said...

delicious cap, great work as always Jen. sorry that that rude comment seems to be getting you down.

Anonymous said...

This was a hot cap and a hot pic! Punishment, resistance, and dominance add to the appeal! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I'm reading the comments still and want to thank you all for the kind words! I can see that everyone really responded to these kind of stories and I hope to make more of them soon. ^_^

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