Monday, May 20, 2013

for a few tissues more

This isn't a brand new caption, but i have made a new one in the last two days, so yay!

This caption came from a very simple idea. For one, I was trying to caption Sammie's pref's from the haven. She always makes me some wonderfully sweet, sometimes hot, crossdressing caps.

So I thought I would return the favor with one of my own. When I saw the picture here, I wanted to see if i could make a caption where a cross dresser was was so passable, she could wear an outfit like that, but not really for very long...  i mean, just look at those short shorts!

Of course, the public setting just made that idea all the more delicious! Enjoy!


Caitlyn Masked said...

Great caption Jennifer!

I think you did a really good job of writing out the cross dressing aspect that made it work for this photo. I normally wouldn't think of this type of photo as being good cross dressing material a all, but you nailed it!

Anonymous said...

I haven't followed you in a very long time but I wanted to tell you thank you. Last year I came out as transgender and have been on hrt ever since. Your captions helped me come to grips with both the fluidity of my sexuality and my feminine gender identity. The attraction to feminization has kind of left me, I suppose the mystique has been lost. Nonetheless I wanted you to know what your kinky little blog did for me. I'm a more complete person now and your blog helped inspire that. Bless you.


Jennifer said...

@Caityn Masked

Thanks!i usually try to pick a girl that isn't showing a lot of cleavage and is pretty covered up, considering. Or at the very least, you can't see most of her naked figure, except for maybe some "budding" breasts.

But once i saw this picture, it just sounded like a fun situation, to be so passable that you could wear an outfit like that.


I have to admit, this is one of, if not THE best comment i've ever received. i love getting comments that tell me how I perked up their day, or made a caption that is one of, if not their favorite. But wow, I'm blown away that In some way, i helped change your life for the better.

I wish i could give you a big hug, because I'm so very proud that you were able to do this for your self and become a happier, more complete person. Even though you don't read caps now a days, I'll always make future caps with your words in my mind.

I make a lot of smutty caps and Ive made some more uplifting, clean caps. But I always tried to show that it's something you don't have to ashamed of, And I'm glad to see that has affected you in such a positive way.

Your words have really touched me and i'm so giddy with excitment that in some way, i've helped you with just my stories. God bless and continue to be your self! ^_^ *hugs*

Geofrey said...

Very nice caption.

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