Thursday, May 16, 2013

OK, So I haven't got back into capping yet, but I still wanted to share some more captions that I have created in the last couple of weeks.

There's still a lot of stress going on and even more information about some issues, that I had just recently found out. But for now, I want to just put all of that aside and just focus on having a little fun and providing you all with a little bit of button pushing entertainment. ^_^

You all seem to enjoy the caption I recently posted and I want to thank all of you who sent their best wishes to me and comforting thoughts, along with those that chimed in to tell me they enjoyed the cap. No matter how you posted or what you said, know that it was appreciated.

If you want to hear a little bit more about the caption and what I cut out of it, then keep reading after you are done with the caption.

Today's caption is obviously influenced by Trisha's universes, but not directly set in any of them. I even get a bit of a Smitty's suckubus vibe from it.

As usual, it was just the one image so I had to cut out a lot of things that I wanted to add in. Such as, how every orgasm not only left her more femme and a  bit more ditzy, but that she didn't start out completely female.

I wanted to try and work in that every time she came, she was left with a smaller penis and more and more femmine traits. But, there just wasn't enough room to touch on that subject and get the main idea across. Which was to have a strong alpha male, living off he male essence of other men, leaving them girly trophy's highlighting his conquests.

I also wanted to add in a bit of bitter rivalry between the new girl, who still has some of her wits about her and knows where this is all headed, and the submissive bimbos who are lost in their lust for the man who changed them.

The new girl would grow annoyed with the older, dumber, more buxom girls and believe that they got what they deserve. Partly because she wants to deny that she won't end up like that, and because the older girls would do everything they could to put down the new girl. Since most of their masters attention would fall on her, since the older girls were basically as femme as they were ever going to be.

The bimbo's would humiliate them selfs and do all they can to gain  their masters approval, and therefore more pleasure. I really wanted to play off of how some of the girls might be slightly aware, since they weren't completely drained, but didn't have enough man hood to really make it worth their master's time.

I think it would have been a very sexy situation, where the new girls would hate the bimbos, seeing a little bit of them self's in there, and the bimbo sluts would hate the new girls, some times because they aware of what they had become and hated seeing it unfold all over again. but also hating them for stealing their master's attention.

And of course, there's the real alpha male, who would have enjoyed the girls bickering between each other and watching them turn into his pet sluts, little by little. Enjoying the game of turning them out and fueling his male essence.  They couldn't directly challenge him, so they would grow frustrated with not being able to establish any sense of control or dominance, and he encouraged that sort of behavior.

yeah, I really went crazy for just one single caption, huh? Maybe I'll revisit the idea in the future, if I can find the right set of photos.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed it! ^_^


sg11 said...

Another very hot caption! I'm hoping for a sequel myself ;)

Linda Marie Daniels said...

Terrific caption!

Anonymous said...

The rivalry idea is very hot. Same with the becoming more feminine the more the new girl finds she enjoys something about her new girliness. It would be cool to see those ideas worked into other caps. Great ideas!

Caitlyn Masked said...

Great caption Jennifer. I love the feeling that we're all getting a glimpse into her harried thoughts and even though she can't see it, we're all witness to the fact that she IS moving more and more toward that bimbo future.

I'm not sure the cap would have been better served by adding in all of your thoughts. Sure, it would have made some of the concepts a little more clear, but I think you touched upon most of them. We're given a lot of hints that lead us to consider what is going on around our pretty little sissy. I think adding more would just solidify those thoughts and not really add MORE to the narrative.

Again... great squirmy cap!

Beatrice Black said...

Part of me hopes the poor sissy escapes... but not as much as I'd like to end up in that situation myself!

Anonymous said...

These last two caps of yours have been really good. Hot pic and hot cap! Keep it up!

Jennifer said...

I wanted to take a moment to thank you girls for leaving these wonderful comments. ^_^ they mean a lot and give me the sort of information I need, when Trying to gauge what my readers enjoy. Seeing as how this one was very well received, I hope to have more like soon. ^_^

Again, thank you!

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