Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the new girl

Hey!  long time no see! I'm still around and still capping, but i am deeply sorry that i haven't updated the blog as much  as i would like. And I'm hoping as much as everyone stopping by, would also like.

I just feel bad when i don't have any new work to show off, (even though I have a lot of caps in reserve, just so I can still post. I know, it's weird. ) I also feel bad when there's a few blogs out there that I read and enjoy, but haven't had time to check out and comment.

The holiday's tend to throw me off my game, so I'm hoping I can turn this around soon, now that they are all done with. Today's caption is a brand new story and i do hope that makes up for my absence. ^_^


smitty said...

I love the layout on this one, and the way you tell a story in so few lines that still leaves me squirming.

Caitlyn Masked said...

HA! Great cap Jennifer!

badside said...

Jennifer, interesting way to present the story. I like it, very creative. Wish the pic was bigger though.


Leeanne Montgomery said...

This is one of my sissy fantasies Jennifer. Being up on a stage, doing a sexy strip tease. I love how you used social media to tell the story, complete with texted photo, reminding us that we are never completely private with cell phone cameras and all.

Kiss kiss,


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