Sunday, January 20, 2013

Girl at the dress shop

I nearly went with another picture and a different, cleaner ending for this one. But after letting it sit for a while and then reading it today, I actually think it works very well. It perfectly shows the confused adolescence feeling that I was going for.

Though none of my characters are ever underage, I still wanted to capture that feeling in a 18 year old boy (at least). or late bloomer, if you will.

I listed this one as forced, but that's not entirely accurate. but neither is willing. I'll just leave it up to the readers. 


snorgz said...

Great caption with a seductive story, sexy stuff!

Leeanne Montgomery said...

First, and foremost, to remove cum stains from stockings, begin by sucking all of the cum off with your sissy mouth. Then hand wash in Woolite and let dry. Next time cum in your panties. Nice cap Jennifer.



Caitlyn Masked said...

Wonderful caption Jennifer! I love the 'going down the rabbit's hole' feel to it. Feeling like he has to go along and even getting turned on by it, even though he wants to be the 'man'.

Mm... are you fingers hurting from pushing those buttons so hard!?

badside said...

I think the pic matches the cap perfectly. I can feel the confusion in the narrator's mind. S/he won't ever be able to stop CDing now! :^)

Jennifer said...

@ snorgz

Thank you! ^_^

@ Leeanne Montgomery

I like, no! Love! the way you think! *giggle* Pretty sure our heroine in the story would never think of that!

@ Caitlyn Masked

Glad you enjoyed it! When I made it, outside of having to put in the explanation for why she just came all over her new stockings, I wanted to convey that feeling of just getting in deeper and deeper. Sort of like the old lycos dress shop caps I used to read.

and I'm pretty sure my finger has a few more button pushing days left.. *giggle*

@ Badside

Thank you darling. ^_^ i'm glad the confusion came through strongly enough. Some times with a cap like this, the reasons for the character crossdressing when they don't want, feels very forced and just an excuse to get him in to some panties. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and for a single length cap, think that it's fleashed out as well as it could be.

About the only reason I wanted to change the pic, or thought about changing it, is because at the time I thought it felt out of place for him to just play with him self as soon as he gets home. But, like you said, the confusion helps that part out I think. Especially considering he was supposed to be a shy, late bloomer who was wrestling with some pretty strong feelings.

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