Monday, November 26, 2012

brain melting experience

This is a a bit of an off the wall caption and I totally meant for that to happen. How could I not? Once you read the cap, you will understand what I mean, It's something I haven't done a whole lot of.

I made it for a member at the haven and their prefs caught my eye. I figured trying something different might get me out of the caption funk I feel like I've fallen into as of late.

There's been a couple of caps I've made recently, but haven't posted yet because I feel they could be better. it could be entirely because of my mood, A lot of stress around the house recently and some personal issues coming up. But, I still have the need to cap, so I've been giving it a go. I think this one turned out pretty well considering. ^_^


Cindy F said...

definitive proof that aliens get a bad rap in pop culture.

though I'll still kill the aliens in xcom.

Caitlyn Masked said...

I think we all may have been underplaying the alien abduction TG angel. You've hit it quite well Jennifer and I really enjoyed your story with that undeniably sexy photo! Great cap!

badside said...

Mmm, great cap Jenn! Love the thought process here, poor thing trying to fight off what s/he really wants and needs.


Anonymous said...

This one really rocked both the visual and mentally!! That is such a hawt pose... and a beautiful ass...

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