Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have not been able to cap recently due to privacy issues, and I have barely been able to check the blogs or caps done for me and friends. In the wee hour's of the morning and maybe checking my phone, I get to read them. I got lucky last night for a couple of hour's when I was left alone for a couple of hour's last night and got to catch up with the haven zine. (advertisement will be coming soon!)

And recently my friend Cindy and Caitlyn had a birthday and I really wanted to do something for them. But sadly, the privacy issue's cut into that as well. That is, until I came up with what I think will be, fun idea for my reader's, and my friend's. SO, without further adieu, Welcome to Jennifer's unfinished gallery! (working title?)

First up,a would be series for my friend Cindy, titled "Tricked rough bitch". A very vulgar and visceral title, for a what was to be, a very hardcore caption. I wanted to make something That was just in your face with how cruel and rough the antagonist treated Cindy.  If you have been a long time reader, you know one thing I really enjoy is humiliation and a sort of dehumanization. I wanted to try to push that, to the extreme and have Cindy love every bit of her self loathing. Sweet of me, right?

I didn't get very far I'm afraid, and I've lost the series to this set. I might give it another try some time, but I have no hope's of continuing this one with out the rest of the photo's. It was to be about 3 to 4 page's long and I, for what ever reason, had to put it down and lost steam.


This next one, I got a lot more ground on then T.R.B. But, It was going to clock in at around 30 page's at least! The problem with this one, was that I could not find the picture's I needed while I was making it. I still like to think I will pick it back up some day, because I did get a good start for it and I know where I was going to take it. In a way, this could be a special preview to a furture story.

But the problem still remains, I would need photo's that fit the story and never actually show Caitlyn's face. (maybe once or twice, but that's all.) I began work on this caption after I read my first ever caitlyn cap, She pushed a few buttons with that story that I hadn't felt since my old lycos Caption hunting day's, and I was just inspired. Much like my number 33 and is still in the making.

The caption is titled, helping a friend.

I was hoping to go back and fix typo's, any plot holes that I might catch, fix the layout's and spice them up where I can, and maybe even adapt this into a fictionmania story. But, I would HAVE to still use the image's. That's just how I like to work, so I would still have the problem even if I were to make this a story.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip into my archive's, and if you would like to see more, just say so! I have lot's of stuff like this that never got any traction. Even some that are ditched full fledged captions just because I didn't like the feel of them. (honestly, there's only 3 like that.) Finally, Happy (belated) Birthday Cindy and Caitlyn! ^_^

P.s. I'm leaving out a lot of details I could have added, because you never know when I might just pick these back up and finish/turn them into something else. So instead, I'm letting them speak for them self's as is, rather then explain where they might have headed. besides, the unknown can be fun, right?


venatus said...

all I can say is that cap you were crafting for me looks absolutely beautiful, thank you.

Caitlyn Masked said...

Wow... both of those look like great beginnings Jennifer. And 30 pages! The first seven are amazing! Thank you so much, not only for letting us all take a glimps into less than finished caps, but also for the birthday wish!

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