Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 reasons.

Hey! So I'm still here and still posting when I can, even though it's hard to sneak time away to look at or post anything explicit latly. But that dosen't mean you shouldn't comment or Send in questions. I will answer them, and I will read them! I can check them on my phone nearly any moment of the day, I just can't reply as quickly or comfortably.

I hope you all enjoy today's caption, it's not all that much to be honest, but it was made during a very productive caption spree. I just wanted to cap something, anything! And Well, every now and then, the cap's were just a little bare bones and very straight to the point. It still plays into today's question well though. ^_^

Oh, and I'm hearing that some blogs are having trouble with comments. If you find anything wrong on my blog, including making a comment, please tell me in the formspring box. I will do my best to fix the issue. Now onto the question and the cap!

Is it gross swallowing?

No, Not really. The taste and texture is... Different, that's for sure. But it's something I've gotten used to and in a way, miss/crave. I truly live up to my last name now, huh? *giggle* But if you are wondering what it tastes like, and you have the proper equipment, I suggest trying a little of your own. I know it sounds gross to a lot of my readers out there, but you should know by now, I have a huge thing for blowjobs and cum. Did you really think I wouldn't try it if giving the chance? *giggle*

I only gagged the first couple of times, but after that, I was completely ok with it. and if you are like me, Then gagging just plays into the fantasy a little more. Oh, speaking of which, if you are looking to learn to deepthroat anything in the future, but keep hitting that gag reflex. Just practice with your toothbrush, MAKE your self gag and try to suppress the reflex. Now, this can be dangerous, because the reflex is meant to keep you safe. But, I understand the appeal and the fetish, so just be safe and play around responsibly. ^_^


Caitlyn Masked said...

Fun cap Jennifer! Sometimes there isn't any reason to go into more detail when a simple talking to gets everything across just fine!

I love your honesty here. But to add a bit to your safety talk... if you have repeated problems getting past your gag reflex, then the best course of action you can take is to stop. Some people have a very strong gag reflex, and just can't remove it. Repeatedly forcing yourself to gag can lead to a spasm. The best outcome at that point is vomiting. The worst is the spasm making hard or even impossible to breath. So all joking aside, don't repeatedly force it.

Dee Mentia said...

You'd think that chloraseptic would help a gag reflex a bit since it makes your throat numb.

And it looks like Dalene wants something in the other end too!

femslut21 said...

Excellent caption. Love the monologue.

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