Wednesday, July 24, 2013

days gone by

Anyone active with in this TG blogasphere has probably heard the news already. But For those that haven't, a few prominent Members of the community are now stepping away. Caitlyn Masked, Smitty, and Alectra.

Smitty is definitely leaving and Caitlyn Masked and Alectra are unsure of what the future may hold. But in any case, I do wish them all the best. It's bitter sweet, but I completely understand their reasons.

For Caityn, she's achieving a long term goal of becoming a nurse and I can't be happier for her. I will miss being able to chat with her almost daily and checking in on her wonderful work. She might return some day, but you can't deny that things are changing and It doesn't mean that it's a bad thing.

Alectra is also a Maybe, and it Might not be as permanent. But she's not exactly feeling 100% and I think all of us can relate. She's had a busy, stressful few months on her shoulders and I will miss seeing her around the haven if She decides to step away from it. I understand her reasons and I do wish her the best.

Smitty is leaving his blog and will be removing it at the end of august. He's not done with Captions or creating, but his focus is moving away from the TG themed stories.

I think you would be hard pressed to find an artist who has been as prolific and as active as he was, so even if you didn't enjoy his works, I'm sure his absence will be felt by all. If you would like to still follow Smitty and see what new work he's up too, then check out his tumblr here

If you enjoyed any of these artists work, Please stop by and leave a few words of encouragement, some heart felt goodbyes and let them know what the hours of entertainment and just thoughtful posts they have left, meant to you. I'm sure they would love to hear from you and it will help put a smile, or in some cases, keep a smile on their faces as they move forward in their lives.

I've been a member of this community for a looong time and I've seen a lot of people come and go. I was a member of the Haven's beta site and I'm still a member to this day. I've been a member of various TG sites over the years and I've created my own blog to showcase my work, so I've seen a lot over the years with in this small gathering of like minded folks.

I've Seen many members come and go, and It never get's any easier. I believe there is barely a handful of the members from the old beta version of the haven and there's even fewer from the older days of the official opening of the forum.

Though I do have some of the newer members from the haven that joined a few years after me I still call friends, Like DeeSimone and Angel. I've also met a few newer members like SG11 who are still around or just getting started. I will always have a special place in my heart for those I used to stay up hours chatting with.

I miss those old friends, but I'm thankful to know that Smitty, alectra and Caitlyn have all gotten to say something before they stepped away. It's also easier knowing that they are doing so for the right reasons, not because of some tragic emergency popping up.

I'm always here if any of you deiced to come back or just stop by, and I would always love to hear from you. My E-Mail, my haven account, and just my Yim is always open. ^_^


cage71 said...

Great post Jennifer. I am definitely going to miss Smitty and have already let him know. I liked that you took the time to make this post to give respect to some great creators.

sg11 said...

Well said Jennifer.

Mistress Simone said...

I didn't know Alectra too was leaving out. You've been around as long as me and Dee and you keep ticking. It's go to know you are still here.

Jennifer said...


Thank you for the comment cage. I don't really want to be seen as taking praise for the issue at hand or anything, but I really do appreciate it.

I just wanted to say something on behalf of my friend who are leaving and let those out there that enjoyed their work, know about it before they didn't have a chance to say goodbye or even save some of their favorite caps, or maybe posts that they had created.

I'm thankful that you got to do that already. Smitty might be leaving, but at least he will know that you enjoyed his work and the memory he's helped create and share will last forever.


Thank you SG11. ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed the write up and happy that everyone is taking this a lot better then some of the people I've seen out there. It's crazy reading some of the comments on Smitty's blog from time to time.

@Mistress Simone:

Yeah, Alectra might be leaving, even if it's for a short while. But pair it with everyone else whose leaving and it becomes a tough week. Still, I'm happy knowing that they are doing it for good reasons.

I'm happy that, even though I've met and said good bye to a lot of friends over the years, I'll still be around for the next group of artists and hopefully inspire them in some way.

I'm glad to see you and Dee still around as well, and hopefully there will be many, many more days where I can still see yall's blogs light up with a new update.

Caitlyn Masked said...


It's truly humbling to be grouped together with the likes of Smitty and Alectra and to see the outpouring of sad and happy goodbyes. I don't know exactly what the future will hold, but I can promise you this: I'll stay in touch.

I've let friends go in the past and I always ALWAYS regretted it. I vow to not have anything to regret here and while I don't know exactly how I'll stay in touch, I WILL stay in touch!


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