Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The sweetest of honey

Recently Mistress Simone celebrated her birthday and I wanted to whip (get it? Whip, Mistress?) something up for her. So, I went back to one that I had started for her a while back, but never got any traction on it. Continue reading if you want to hear more about the cap, and see me answer another question from formspring. yay!

This picture was meant for Mistress simone. I knew it as soon as I saw it, but had no idea what it would be about. I eventually did come up with an idea for it, but it wasn't what exactly like you see here. I had thought the the girl having her hair brushed was still a boy being dressed up, and was still going to be trotted around for a party, event, or any sort of social gathering. But, Mistress simone was the one doing the brushing, of course.

if you read the cap, you know it's not that different from the original idea. The sub is still a boy in a make up and heels, and is still going to a public outing. But this time, the sub is Chloe, one of Mistress Simone's alter ego's. For those that don't know, Mistress Simone has 3 personalty she likes to see in captions, Simone the Mistress, Chloe the submissive, And Sasha, the sadist Sasha. 

I decided to change things up and caption Chloe for her, But Chloe is different then what I portrayed here. She's submissive, But she likes to get the upper hand in some way or top from the bottom. So I wrote this as if it was an early beginnings story. I pictured that one day Chloe would fully embrace this idea and love every minute of being alluring eye candy and trap other, weaker girls for her Mistress.

 It works as is, But I wasn't sure if Mistress Simone would enjoy seeing her submissive self in a seemingly helpless predicament at first glance. But really, the mistress was helping chloe out of her male shell and to accept what she was capable of. Which of course, was being one knock out trap for foolish boys that fall head over heals for her.

I Also didn't get to do it, but I had thought about adding in that the Mistress brushing her hair was in fact, Mistress Simone her self. But i couldn't work that in to the story with out bogging it down too much. I was also afraid it might confuse some people that know about Mistress Simone's other personality's. But, I had thought that only Simone could first capture and subdue, another part of her self. Even if my story took a realistic approach and stayed away from the mystical side of Simone's story.

I think in the end, it worked out very well and I really liked the idea of using a "trap" to lure in more boy's for the Mistress to dress up and enslave. In fact, I've used it a few times before in other captions, but I think this was my best iteration of it.

will you do a cpation involving a genie?? please????

Of course! I'll make sure that one of the next captions I make is a Genie themed caption. First up though, will be a hypnosis story. But you can look forward to a genie related tale in the future! ^_^


Caitlyn Masked said...

That picture is just sex on wheels Jennifer! And your story was the double punch of awesome that we love from you. Punch one: being made over into a sexy alluring trap. Punch two: Chloe. Nuff Said! Great cap!

Dee Mentia said...

As Admiral Ackbar might say, "Its a trap!" but a great looking one .. which I guess is probably the whole point of a trap.

I definitely agree with you that the picture is made for Simone and you rocked it!

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