Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wrong pre-set

I have been working on this for about a week now, part of that just looking for the right picture set.  ( Thanks Smitty! ) And it went from me wanting to do a single, to a 4 parter, to 10 pages! Now, that might be a short story for some people out there, but seeing as how I'm normally a 1-2 page sort of gal, it's a big deal.

I'm still not sure if my rust is showing or not, but I am still happy with what I was able to pull off. There was a few things I had to drop here and there, but we would be looking at a 12-15 page cap here, and it would have just felt a little too long for it's own good.

If you want to check it out, just click the title of the post, or the first pic in the top left corner there. I also have a question from one of my reader's, so check that out if you are into that sort of thing! ^_^

Could you please do more hypno captions in the future?

Of course I can! I love hypnosis themed caps and hypnosis in general. If I had to call out my two favorite methods of change that I would make a reality if given the chance, it would be VR and hypnosis! Of course, Magic is a giving though, right? I mean, with magic I could do them all!


Victoria Hyde said...

VR and hypnosis would make for a stunningly effective transformation, I think, without the "victim" even realizing anything was amiss IRL.

But I'm with you: Through magic all things are possible. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Blending hypnosis and VR into one cap.. wow, it was right there in front of me and I didn't see it! it would be a mind blowing, mind altering wet dream of a TF! Would bring brain washing to a whole new level!

Anonymous said...

Such a naughty mod! VR chat rooms look like so much fun, I wish they would just hurry up and get here. I do wonder how long it would take for the virtual world to impact the real world

Dee Mentia said...

VR meaning virtual reality right?

As long as I wouldn't have to wear a helmet, I'd be all for it! Well, perhaps a steampunk leather skullcap with googles would be ok I guess!

And Jennifer usually rocks in hypnosis captions, but she's probably even better at hypnosis RP, since she can stretch out her muse a bit more than just in the confines of a caption.

Nicole Mounds said...

I really liked the stry, very detailed and I love the reluctance, I like blackmail stories hwere the victim feels ashamed of herself and this one really hit the target. Congrats!

Jennifer said...

@ Chaosbeast

VR, as I said, is one of my biggest fantasy's and probably the only way to really experience the opposite sex in a quick and easy manner. At least out of all the off the wall idea's out there anyway.

I'm sure there would be a few hiccups though, most likely people confusing reality and the Virtual and losing motivation for doing anything in the real world ever again. Bummer...

@ DeeMentia

Yeah, Virtual reality. I keep thinking it will probably end up as some sort immersion tank sort of deal, or involving hooking your mind up to a pc set like something out of the matrix.

For hypnosis to be really well done and not just boiled down into a gimmicky starting point for a caption, you need to get drawn in to it. Which is one of the great things about role play's, You can take hours, or even day's and soon lose your self in the story you are crafting. Just like hypnosis!

@ Nicole mounds

So happy to hear that sweetie, if I hit the target for just one person out there, then it makes the story way worth it! I know that what works for one person, wont work for everyone.

So, I've become more willing to just see a story through, instead of scraping it. if it felt too drawn out to me or too fast, then someone else out there might have thought it was the perfect pace for their likes.

Thankfully, this one felt right to me all the way through, even if it was a little hard to pump out a series this soon, after my little comeback.

The feeling ashamed of her self was a huge part of the story and made the situation feel a little more real to me, so I'm so happy to hear that sold the story for you. ^_^

Caitlyn Masked said...

I love the idea of VR and TG getting together! And this story really showed why... its not just a digital representation of yourself, its the ability to really BE that person. And that makes getting 'found out' all that much better!

This cap had my buttons being pushed all over the place! Great series Jennifer!

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