Tuesday, May 27, 2014

sissy party

Wow, didn't know it had already been a month! Things have been kind of busy for me, But I have gotten to create a cap or two here and there. For example, today's!

My pc that I'm using at the moment is kind of giving me fits when i try to make a caption, some times it lets me do a more complex layout, (you have no idea how many panels it takes to make that curve!) and some times it won't even let me do a simple box with some text at the side.

In any case, I have a cap for you all and It's a dozy! It's based on those pig party's or loser party's, but with sissy's! Hope you girls enjoy. ^_^


Caitlyn Masked said...

Fun cap Jennifer! I love the surprised look on the sissy's face and it matches up great with your story. However difficult that layout was, it was completely worth it!

I just have to wonder, what does first place earn the little sissy? Does she get a prize, or does she move up to the next level of competition?

Dee Mentia said...

Great idea for a caption and the follow through until the end was awesome. Something tells me that he won't be lonely at college anymore and his dance card will be full!

Ian said...

Love the caption.

Beatrice Black said...

Great picture choice! I'd guess our narrator is in the middle.

Jennifer said...

@ Caitlyn

I had actually used this pic for another caption before just starting over and trying again. It just didn't feel right, so I thought I would try something else. This time of course, i also felt like I should do something else for the layout, so i'm glad you liked it. ^_^

Also, i think the winner get's to know that she looks so cute in that pink bra! Not to mention all of the boys on the football team. *giggle*

@ Dee

I had waited years to do a sissy party caption. I had the idea, but I could never find the right pic, i'm glad i never tried to force it and have the idea suffer. It is just late night erotica, but still, I want it to be good late night erotica. heheh.

@ ian
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

@ Beatrice black.

Thanks! And yes, you would be right, she is in the middle! How could she not? With a cute scared little face like that? Perfect for a reluctant sissy. *giggle*

Beatrice Black said...

But not so reluctant as to wear jeans like the others!

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