Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where I've been

Hello Everyone. I know it's been a while since I've posted, but things have just gotten far, far worse over here then I care to admit. For one, you all know that my grandpa was already in bad shape while I was posting back in October. Well, He's doing a little bit better health wise, he's not doing so great mentally. There's been a lot of changes in his life, and ever since then he's been under careful watch at a hospital, trying to determine how to improve his overall health.

And then of course my issues with my house is still a large problem. As most of you know, my house was hit by a car about 3 years ago and ever since then we have been having issues with the insurance company. So while we get that sorted out, more and more of the front of our house is falling to the ground. It's now a good two foot lower then it was, and a few doors inside the house are impossible to shut close.

Finally, my pc caught fire in my lap and nearly burned me. Needless to say, my computer, for what ever reason, is dead. I don't have the money to check it out, much less get it fixed, so i'm relying on others to allow me time on there's.

There was some good news recently and that is that I had a good birthday with my family. But I do have to say that I'm disappointed to see that NO ONE at the haven wished me a happy birthday and only one person even checked on me while I've been gone. Now, some people at DX and just people I know in general, did.

I hope you are all doing well and I hope to be back on my feet and capping again some time in the future. It's been a bit depressing lately, and I'm glad to see that I do have some people who really do care and I can't thank them enough. I truly appreciate all of those who keep me in their thoughts and prayers and please know that I am doing the same for you. I count you as a friend as much as you did me.


Dain said...

It's been a long time since I swung around and commented here. Good to see you're doing alright :). If you manage to get the finances for it, Newegg often has some good sales and cuts this time of year(and up into new year) for computers and parts.. That might be a decent option for you if you know how to build one :).

Jennifer said...

Thank you for leaving a comment, it means a lot. Thank you very much for the suggestion, if I get any extra cash in the future I will keep an eye out.

SaucySean said...

Ive only just started Commenting on Tg blogs But ive been a huge fan of yours for almost a year. I hope everything improves soon. Best of luck and a belated Happy birthday :)

Candy said...

I can say I understand this all too well since my current laptop is on its way out, with a few other negattive 'real life' things that are getting in the way.

Good luck to you, hopefully things start getting better so you can get on your feet again & me/you can do some hentai verse based caps as a trade. :3

Jennifer said...


First, let me thank you for leaving a comment like this and a belated happy birthday. You have no idea how much it means to me and It's great to see kind people such as your self going out of there way to touch base like that. ^_^ *hugs*


All of those negative 'real life' things can be quite depressing. But comments such as yours can help things tremendously. Many people don't believe how powerful a smile or a simple hello can be, until they need one as well.

I truly wished I could be around more often to always be there with open arms for those people, but I'm very grateful to those that have stepped up and did the kind and generous thing for another person.

I would love to trade caps with you and a hentai cap sounds like a blast! I've done a couple in the past, so i think it's about time I did some more. :D

Dee Mentia said...

Rachel left you a message on the Haven I believe if you haven't checked it out. There is a laptop available for you. She has more information for you when you receive the message!

Jennifer said...


I've gotten in touch with Rachel and have received the laptop. I've personally thanked her in a pm and I would like to thank her again here as well. Thanks Rachel! ^_^

Cam said...

Well, I guess this is going to be my first comment on any TG blog out there, so I'm pretty happy that it's going to be made on yours. I've been a fan and avid reader/viewer of your captions for almost a year now, but embarrassingly I never knew you were having any serious hardships. Or when your birthday was, which may or may not be equally as important.

Regardless, I'm glad that you had a great birthday, and that your grandpa is doing slightly better.

Oh and belated happy birthday!

Jennifer said...


OHH! your first comment ever, and it's to mine? I'm very honored. ^_^ Thank you for working up the courage to say a few kind words.

My grandpa seems to be slowly getting better, so that is wonderful news. I will not be able to celebrate thanksgiving tomorrow, because of issues with my grandparents, but if it all works out, we might celebrate it on Sunday and for the first time in YEARS, sit down together to have a thanksgiving diner.

Thank you very much for the well wishes and belated happy birthday. ^_^ *hugs*

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