Saturday, February 2, 2013

Marry for money

This one was more of a little exercise in developing a voice and personality for the characters, then it was the story. Of course I also tried to play on a well trodden TG trope.

I know I don't talk much about my caps, (well, any more really.) But I don't like to spoil a lot of the story it self. I could fix this and just post all of the text after the cap it self, but I also don't think I do a very good job of discussing it.

I try to go into great detail, or give some sort of funny story behind it. Anything I can think of to discuss really, but it never seems to click. Very rarely does anything I say, spark some sort of discussion in the comments. I'm also not sure if my readers enjoy that sort of thing. I've seen other blogs have great success with it, but even if I offer to create a special cap for who ever speaks up, It never inspires anyone to say anything.

I think some of my captions are pretty good, but strangely enough, I don't think I'm very good with words. At least when it comes to connecting with my audience. But, that's ok. I'll let the caption's speak for me, and I really hope you all enjoy them! ^_^


Dee Mentia said...

I think your captions are often very up front and exact in what they say, along with sometimes being figurative kicks in the gut. You can do nuance, but HOT DAMN, most of your work is primal and direct in its intent.

For instance, this one that you just posted. We know exactly what is going on and it delivers big time. Not sure what else I could say other than its a great example of an "auntie" caption that works much better as a dialog than the monologues that other captioners might do, which makes it even better in my opinion because you get to hear the niece's mindset.

Leeanne Montgomery said...

I agree with Dee on this one. And the photo and dialogue go with each other splendidly. She just looks like she has slut deeply ingrained within her.

smitty said...

I love the photo selection for this one and how it takes a look at the end result, there's just so much squirm reading in between the lines of the dialogue and wondering how her aunt transformed her this much.

Anonymous said...

I think you do an amazing job with words. Take this caption it example. The girl is downright gorgeous, and her outfit is certainly very sexy, but it's your words that raise that skimpy outfit and demure expression into a positively squirmy scenario. I also absolutely love how you manage to firmly construct the story while still leaving so much up to the reader's imagination. How complicit was the niece in her transformation? What circumstances surround her parent's passing? Is Auntie really her aunt? The possibilities are titillating.

tempestreturns said...

I rarely comment and truth be told, I rarely read the text that accompanies a cap. Art often does speak for itself and yours does so very nicely. I'm not trying to discourage any write-ups, but just testifying of my own habits.

Regardless, this is very hot and dirty and I love it.

Caitlyn Masked said...

First the cap: Lovely! It has just enough room to let the reader squirm, while it also allows room for people to believe it's sweet willing side. That's a tough combination to pull off.

Second, write ups: You know I love writeups. While I can certainly enjoy a cap on it's own merits, I think it can be enhanced when I know what the inspiration behind it was. What were you driving toward... what did YOU think of it... what gave you the original idea... how did you decide on the design elements... anything like that can give me an entirely new appreciation for the cap. It might not inspire conversation, but I promise you... it IS read.

Third, the words: What? YOU not good with words? Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer... you are a wiz at writing caps. You can go fully detailed and weave a wonderfully compelling story in one cap, and go minimalist and truly spark the imagination of the reader in the very next cap. Most cappers can do one or the other but you are the rare treat that can always keep us guessing what you will do next.

Jennifer said...

@ Dee:

I do enjoy being more direct. Though I have made my share of caps that leave a lot up to the readers and have them fill in the blanks. I usually find a purely dialog fueled story, works better for the direct, single panel caps. Though I have made some single caps that leave a lot up in the air.

@ Leeanne

I love the picture, though it's one of the few where the pic wasn't the inspiration. I just really lucked out and found a pic that fit perfectly with the theme I was going for. ^_^

@ Smitty

I'm so glad that it got you thinking about what came before the story. It's a direct caption, but there's still so much that isn't discussed or explained. ANYTHING could have been done to her before hand, and I like to think that it will spark that little big of fire in the readers imaginations.

@ Kyra Hyde

It really brings a smile to my face to hear that my intent with the caption, the picture, everything in the caption was spot on. I really wanted to just establish the characters and tell just a tiny fraction of their story. Making it feel like it's apart of a larger world can be difficult, but I always try to strive for that in my single caps. And I'm very thankful that the picture I chose helped that along so well.

@ Tempestreturns

First, I want to thank you so very much, for taking the time to speak up and tell me how you feel. I do enjoy letting the caption speak for it self, But discussing it can be a lot of fun as well. I'm not trying to guilt anyone into speaking up, I was mostly just trying to spark a conversation and discuss something that I feel I lack. Which is not being able to express my self or discuss the captions I create, very well.

@ Caitlyn:

1st: I'm so very glad to hear that you enjoyed it. It is very difficult to walk that line, but so very satisfying when you hit the mark you were after.

2nd and 3rd: I know you love write-ups. So do I! ^_^ I try to do them my self, and this is what I mean when I say I'm not very good with words. I would love to discuss that sort of thing, but I always feel like I fall short of discussing it and conveying how I felt or what I intended. Take today's write up for example.

Jennifer said...

@ everyone:

I thank each and everyone of you and you have done a LOT to make me smile. I really do appreciate it and I don't want you to think that I'm taking any of it for granted or that I'm writing any of it off with what I'm about to say. I truly do believe everyone of you and can not thank you enough!

But sadly, I think this is a good example of what I meant. I think I am pretty good with words when it comes to making captions. Some times I might feel otherwise, but it might just be depression. You people know just what to say though, and make me feel better about my work in general and make me feel better about actually saying, that I'm good at it. Some times I feel it might be arrogant of me to just boast about how great this cap is, or how good I feel about some other caption. But having pride in one's work and knowing you are good at something, is a good thing I think. Just need to be humble about it. heh.

But when I say I'm not good at expressing my self or discussing the details, when I say I'm not good with words or making my intent known, I mean that outside of my captions.

Like this write up in this blog post here, I thought I had made my self clear in what I meant I accidentally lead everyone to believe that I meant my captions in general.

I thought I had explained that I was talking about the write ups them self. Out side of the caption. Trying to discuss the inner workings and inspirations behind it. I feel I fall short of that and some times My message is lost. Like what happened here.

I don't blame anyone one of you for misunderstanding me, It's exactly what I was trying to say. That I'm not very good in explaining my self or discussing the actual work. I will try to give long, detailed posts to mine, or other people's work, but it usually seems to get swept to the side.

While it's always appreciated by those that make the caps I comment on, it never seems to rise above the usual, "Great cap! here's what I liked about it, keep it up!"

looking through my post today, I can see why a lot of people thought I meant my words with in the cap. When I wrote it up, I thought that because I was talking about trying to connect with my Claudine and talk about my caps, and that I also mention that I think my caps are good, that my meaning was clear.

But I can't seem to find the right words to clearly explain my self, when ever I try, my over all point seems to be missed. It's not every single time, But most of them time I can't get it right. So I try to just let my captions speak for them self's, since I can't find the right way to talk about them and do them justice.

I really hope that I'm not misunderstood. I'm not being down on my self or depressed. I'm not in any way trying to make you feel bad for telling me so many wonderful things. And I'm not in any way trying to argue with all of you about those wonderful things. Your words make me feel very happy and make me feel better about my work over all. I had thought that I make good caps before, and I feel even BETTER about them now. I just don't feel that I'm all that great in discussing them.

Caitlyn Masked said...


I can see how that would throw you... when people comment to a write up but don't get the 'gist' of what you were talking about. But I think that's fairly common... at the very least it happens to me. I only rarely get the conversation that I had in mind while writing up the post. The important thing is that I open up and let people see what I was thinking or moving towards. And if a conversation that I hadn't intended does open up, I'm glad to have started anything at all.

This post for exaample... yes we misunderstood what you were talking about, but it still inspired some great comments and conversation. AND you ended up with that nice warm feeling!

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