Monday, June 21, 2010

Open bar

I've been capping again recently, And I still intend to post once a week. ^_^


Steffi said...

Your caps are a little dark for my taste, but I do love your technique and your attention to details in the story!

Keep up the great work!


venatus said...

I need the location of that bar, the girl there as quite a sweet and fun position

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the comments. ^_^ And steffi, I know my work is a little dark, And sometimes I do try and lighten up, I just find it's easier for me to come up with dark ideas.

I enjoy your caps as well, and thank you for posting my site on yours. ^_^

Anonymous said...

id love to be in that situation

smitty said...

Wowsers. I never saw that one before. You pick such great single images, Jennifer. They are understated so that they crawl in the corners of your mind.

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