Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wedded sissy

Hey everyone! looks like the place is going well, and i've got a few more fans. YAY! Been watching the last episode of Dexter, and Once my eyes get put back in there sockets, i should have some more caps worked on. Of course, That's not to say i haven't been working on any, in fact this is my latest work! enjoy!


Samantha1 said...

Not that I spend endless hours prowling the internet, but I do "dabble". I stumbled
on the second page of this caption, and
downloaded it because it was really well
done. I didn't know there was a first page,
and I didn't know it was one of yours, but
that combination of free-will and manipulation
(both by the older man and the younger man)
makes for a story that's compelling and
believable, and of course, how can I not
like a wedding, sigh

Anonymous said...

That is a VERY happy ending. I'd like to be the maker of real women, to paraphrase from the last sentence. = )

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